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E-flex Operation, Maintenance and Installation Instructions

These instructions for the use and installation of the flexible connectors should be strictly followed. Failure to do so may result in a reduction of their useful life, flow, and may void the warranty.

  • Calculate the proper length. Dimension (A) should be at least double the external diameter.
  • Radius of curvature (R) should be at least four times the external diameter of the E-flex Connector.
  • Avoid twisting, kinking and sharply bending the E-flex Connector, as these conditions reduce water flow and service life.
  • Do not subject the connector to pulling or torque,
    either during installation or from pressure or expansion during use

IMPORTANT: E-flex Connectors should never come into
contact with cement, plaster or any other substances capable of causing corrosion. Avoid exterior wetting or continuous exterior contact with water. Open-air installation is recommended.

If the use of an insulating sheath is absolutely
necessar y, take care during installation that the
E-flex Connector is absolutely dry. These are essential precautions to prevent moisture from being retained or entering beneath the insulation and to minimize subsequent corrosion.


Standard Pipeguide

Installation Instructions:
Absolutely avoid any twisting of the connectors during

Use two wrenches to tighten the end fittings.

  • One to hold the line.
  • One for simultaneous tightening of the nut.

IMPORTANT: If it is necessary to retighten the assembly after installing, take the same precautions upon disassembly
with regard to twisting, kinking and bending.

During Storage: Avoid storage near sources of ozone
such as electric motors and fluorescent lamps. If possible,
store in places sheltered from light and possible damage.
It is recommended to leave them in their factory packing
before use.

Maintenance: E-flex Connectors require no field adjustments and have no serviceable parts. No maintenance is required.

Cone Seat
Female Cone Swivel
with adapter

Cone Seat
Cone Seat
E-flex Diagram

Cone Seat
Rigid Male NPT
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